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Encouraging Growth and Education



AYSO United coaches are placed in an environment where development is prioritized over winning and players are required to play 50% playing time. This structure ensures that coaches can develop players and teams without outside pressure as they look to create the ultimate development experience. We encourage professional growth and continued education both in AYSO, USSF and other coaching education programs.


AYSO United is not only a Club for Player Development, we also pride ourselves on continual education of our AYSO top coaches. AYSO United’s Coaching education pathway is designed to create a developmental path for our AYSO and AYSO United Coaches as we create a positive learning environment for our players. Each level within our structure allows coaches to maximize their coaching abilities while looking for other coaching challenges.


Through our mentoring program, AYSO volunteer coaches will be supported by the professional staff of their United clubs helping them create a player-centric environment, which focuses on player development through skills acquisition.

Our Directors of Coaching will assign primary program coaches to a United coach who will serve as a coaching resource during the primary season. The United Mentoring Program is designed to provide support to the volunteer coaches through:

  • Email communication
  • Lesson Plan Sharing
  • Match-play review
  • Game Analysis
  • AYSO Curriculum Support

There’s no fee for the United Mentorship Program and it’s available to all coaches from Regions that support a participating United club program.

Questions about the coaching education program can be directed to national Director of Coaching Education GrantHeywood@aysounited.org