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Identification 64 plays homage to the year American Youth Soccer Organization was founded and based on the principles of placing players on the highest level teams possible. ID64 is AYSO United’s player identification program designed to provide a platform for AYSO’s most talented players to showcase their abilities at the highest level possible. ID64 was piloted in Southern California in 2018 with plans to expand in 2019-2020.

Why ID64?

ID64 is an important component of our AYSO player pathway, providing the AYSO player the opportunity to play at all levels whilst enjoying the game under our historic six philosophies. ID64 is not only part of our rich history, but also part of our exciting future.

Who is ID64 for?

ID64 is available for Male and Female players in our foundation age brackets U10-U13 in the Southern California market. We are in the process of looking at the program and how this level of play can be expended to all our locations nationally. To learn more about this exciting program please reach out to our National Technical Director Paul Bright



How are players identified for ID64?

AYSO United players in club locations that offer ID64 will be identified through a series of event which include, ID camps, training events, game-day scouting and coach recommendations. Key characteristics of an ID64 player will utilize the USSF Player Qualities of:

  1. Game Understanding and Decision Making– Read, analyze and understand the game and make autonomous decisions
  2. Initiative– Take initiative, be proactive
  3. Focus– Focused for duration of the game on his/her task
  4. Optimal Technical Abilities – Optimal technical abilities to execute their task for the duration of the game
  5. Optimal Physical Abilities – Optimal physical abilities to execute their task for the duration of the game
  6. Responsibility– Take responsibility and accountability for their own development and performance

What are the costs to register for ID64?

ID64 is a fully funded program for the players identified, however incidental costs for travel and accommodation will be insured. It is anticipated that some ID Camp events will have costs associated to cover operational expenses.