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AYSO United is an exciting alternative to youth soccer in Arizona. AYSO United is one of the fastest growing club programs in the nation, boasting 22 hub sites and more than 5000 players from Hawaii to New Jersey. Having the backing of a national organization like AYSO United, provides us with amazing partners such as New Balance, SOCCER.COM, The Coaching Manual and TopTekkers. We also have access to an amazing national coaching staff made up of USSF “A” and UEFA “A” level coaches who help develop the curriculum for all of our teams to follow.

In 2019. Arizona became one of the newest states to join AYSO United and our inaugural season was filled with some amazing highlights. On top of the list was having our very own Mike Hollar, named as National Coach of the Year. In addition to his outstanding achievement, we accomplished the following:

  • We hosted our very first ID64 program, identifying the top young players in our club, which resulted in 11 players from Arizona making it onto the AYSO United National team.
  • We hosted our first AYSO United AZ Cup, which showcased many of our teams from Southern Arizona to Flagstaff.
  • Our 2006 girls team, under the leadership of Coach Sylvester achieved the ranking of #1 in GotSoccer.
  • We were able to get 50% of our coaches to achieve their USSF D license.
  • One of our teams was selected to be featured in a mini documentary for a national promotional campaign through The Coaching Manual.
  • With 25% of our teams playing in the Advanced Leagues, we were proud to announce that three of them finishing in the top spot.
  • Plus much, much more.


Northern Arizona/Greater Flagstaff Area – We have several teams in this area and we are always looking to expand. Our northern teams compete in the Greater Phoenix area leagues and the teams travel down for double headers every other weekend to play matches. They also compete in tournament play in Arizona, Nevada and sometimes Utah.

East Valley – This includes Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Florence and the San Tan Valley. Our home field is at Highland Junior High School for our open league and the teams train at different locations in the Mesa/Gilbert area.

Central Valley – This area includes South Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Tempe and Guadalupe. Our home field is typically Pecos Park, but with the Phoenix Parks being closed, locations may vary. The training sites are in Tempe and Ahwatukee schools.

Southern  Arizona – This area is primarily in southeast Tucson and Vail area. They participate in the PCJSL and train in the same area.

Many organizations talk about “Player Development,” but we at AYSO United Arizona are also focused on “Character Development.” Everyone likes to win, but not at the expense of our players having fun and feeling like they contribute to the team. That is why we have the 50% playing rule, which means when you sign up your player with us, they are guaranteed to play at least 50% of the time.

Core Values:

• Our kids play with a smile on their face
• We remember that soccer is a game…and games are meant to be fun!
• We teach our kids to learn and play within the Laws of the Game
• We teach our kids to be a student of the game
• We teach our kids to watch, analyze and self-reflect on their own performance, as well as the performance of their teammates, in order to aid improvement
• We try to promote that our kids give 100% in practice, scrimmages and anything we do
• We promote that our kids practice individual soccer skills on their own time, not just at practice
• We promote our kids have a positive and “never quit” attitude
• We promote that our kids have an open mind and a “can do” attitude to deal with setbacks
• We encourage our kids attend, on time, all games and training sessions
• We encourage our kids immediately report any injury to their coach or parent
• We exemplify and demonstrate sportsmanship at all times
• We respect teammates and players within other age groups in the club
• We respect all officials and coaches and accept their decisions
• We give encouragement to fellow teammates
• We live the Core Values by demonstrating them at school, at home…not just on the pitch
• We recognize that learning never ends – and what our kids learn while being a part of our Club are lessons they will practice throughout their life
• We want our kids to be inquisitive, and always seek to improve both their skills and knowledge

Club Fees:

What makes us special is that we are providing high quality coaching, with a national coaching training staff, at an affordable rate for our families. We do not have hidden fees and are very transparent about our costs. We are able to offer our program for such a low price because all of our coaches are volunteers, who are committed to providing a great soccer experience to our families.

Academy Teams: $350 per player (referee fees not included)

Open League: $600 per player (referee fees not included)

Advanced League: $800 per player (referee fees included)

Player Kits, including home, away and training: $220

There are no monthly coaching fees and no mandatory volunteer requirements for our parents. With your registration fees you get:

  • Supplemental Insurance coverage from both the ASA and AYSO
  • Participation in ASA league play
  • Field rental costs
  • Participation in the AYSO United Arizona Cup
  • Three free additional tournaments of the team’s choosing (request for tournaments beyond the three will be paid for and decided on by each individual team)
  • Your coach will get access to great coaching tools, education and webinars provided by our National training staff
  • A minimum of two training nights a week

The impact of Covid 19 on our 2020 season was difficult, but through some very dedicated coaching staff we were able to have another successful season, with many of our teams placing very high in the different levels of play.



  • B2003 (Cruz) in the East Valley
  • junicruz@aysounited.org
  • B2003 (Bonaroti) in the East Valley
  • Coach Dan Bonaroti
  • danbonaroti@gmail.com
  • B2004 (Barakat) in the East Valley
  • coach.fadib@gmail.com
  • B2005 (Rawls) in the East Valley
  • rickyrawls@aysounited.org
  • B2006 (Rawls) in the East Valley
  • rickyrawls@aysounited.org
  • B2007 (Mason) in the East Valley
  • tmason769@gmail.com
  • B2007 (Durham) in the East Valley
  • Dondurham1980@gmail.com
  • B2009 (Garcia) in the Ahwatukee area
  • danielmaxgarcia@gmail.com
  • B2010 (Ouimet/Rawls) in the East Valley
  • tinarawls@aysounited.org
  • B2010 (Gross) in the East Valley
  • sgross2000@hotmail.com
  • B2010 (Morales) in the Central Valley area
  • artmoralesii82@gmail.com
  • B2012 (Lechner) in the Central Valley Area
  • davlechner@gmail.com
  • B2011 (Watson) in the East Valley
  • cdwat9@gmail.com
  • G2003 (Blair) in Northern Arizona
  • Michaelblair@aysounited.org
  • G2003 (Salaiz) in the East Valley
  • dsalaiz17@gmail.com
  • G2004 (Baker) in the East Valley
  • wpebaker@gmail.com
  • G2005 (Blair) in Northern Arizona
  • Michaelblair@aysounited.org
  • G2005 (Sherman) in the East Valley
  • ambyrd1972@gmail.com
  • G2006 (Sylvester) in the East Valley
  • ramonasylvester6@gmail.com
  • G2007 (Blair) in Northern Arizona
  • Michaelblair@aysounited.org
  • G2007 (Wilkes) in the East Valley
  • enelson013@aol.com
  • G2007 (Ouimet) in the East Valley
  • jameso1577@gmail.com
  • G2008 (Buchanan) in the Ahwatukee area
  • nakitawestrich@gmail.com
  • G2008 (Davey/Orr) in the East Valley
  • aorr5009@gmail.com
  • G2009 (Lankford/Genova) in the Ahwatukee area
  • Slankford35@gmail.com
  • G2009 (Mooney) in the East Valley
  • bmooney711@gmail.com
  • G2009 (Crame) in the East Valley
  • mike.crame82@gmail.com
  • G2011 (Abdallah) in Northern Arizona
  • adham2153@msn.com
  • G2010 (Hollar) in the Central Valley area
  • mikehollar@aysounited.org
  • G2010 (Tilghman) in the East Valley
  • coachkyle1079@gmail.com
  • G2011 (Lankford/Genova) in the Central Valley Area
  • Slankford35@gmail.com


AYSO United Arizona wants to congratulate Coach Ricky Rawls of the 2005 & 2006 boys team for his selection as the 2020 Coach of the Year for AYSO United Arizona.

AYSO United's Zishim Bawa signs 2 year contract with BK Boden in Sweden. Our very own Zishim is the first player in AYSO United history to receive a professional contract right out of the United program.

AYSO United AZ Coach of the Year, Mike Hollar is named as the AYSO United National Coach of the year at the National United Coaches Conference in Baltimore Maryland.

Read more on out AYSO United AZ Facebook

AYSO United Arizona Cup coming October 4-6. Please see links to get more information.

AYSO United Arizona 01Men's Team Player named to the ODP Pool team
Gage White was one of 4, goalkeepers named to the pool team for the West Region ODP, held in Oregon earlier this month. The remaining 4 keepers will be cut down to two with one reserve. Those selected will travel to Florida in Dec.

AYSO United Arizona Coaches Reach the Summit!
Coach Eric Dendinger, Coach Juni Cruz and Coach Ed Alameda attended the 2019 AYSO United Coaches 2 day Summit this past weekend. The summit was filled with excellent presentations from prestigious coaches and representatives from the world of soccer.

AYSO United Arizona has three more teams accepted into ASA State League Play. Coach Daniel Salaiz's 02G, Coach Michael Blair's 05G and Coach Ramona Sylvester's 06G teams have all been added to the lists. In our first year we have a total of 10 teams, or 20% of our club, playing at the state level.

Supporting our local professional club here in Arizona. Our Girls team got to experience a game day event by being the ball girls at the Phoenix Rising Game.



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