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The Identification 64 Program (ID64) pays homage to the year the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was founded and builds upon the principles of placing players on the highest-level teams possible. The ID64 Program is designed to identify AYSO United’s top-level players with the objective of exposing them to elite training and an advanced player-centered environment.

Why ID64?

ID64 is an important component of our AYSO Player Pathway, providing the AYSO player the opportunity to play at all levels whilst enjoying the game under our core Six Philosophies. ID64 is not only part of our rich history, but part of our exciting future of developing top youth talent.

What age divisions does ID64 Cover?

ID64 will be open to our foundation age players in our 10U, 11U, 12U and 13U Divisions. For the 2019-20 Season, this ID64 will include 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 Players. Our High-school aged players will be supported through our College Prep Program.

When does the ID64 Program take place?

The ID64 Program is broken down into three periods; the identification phase, training camps and match play.

  • The identification phase begins in June and runs through the middle of January.
  • Training camps will be held in February, March and April.
  • Match play will take place in April and May.



How are players identified for ID64?

ID64 Players will be identified through our 4-phase identification process.

  • Scouting Network – ID64 Scouts and talent identifiers will be attending games and tournament play throughout the June – January identification period. Players identified will be sent to the ID64 Director for tracking. **Please note; you may not know a player has been identified through the scouting network, as this is an internal mechanism for ID64 to track top players before the open training events.
  • Coach Recommendations – AYSO United coaches can recommend players at any given time to the ID64 Director ahead of the open training events. Often this is the best place to identify players as they are more comfortable in their own training environment. Players may be recommended through our Player Recommendation Form.
  • Fee-based Camp Program – Throughout the summer, ID64 (3-Day) Camps are available in select locations. These camps will allow players to train with our coaching staff and receive an evaluation based on their training performance. These camps will allow the technical staff to identify top players in a condensed training environment, while players enjoy the camp experience.
  • Open Training Events – These will take place in December and January throughout multiple locations in Southern California. These open training and match play events will allow the coaching staff and technical team to identify the ID64 Squads ahead of the training camps in February.

What are the key player qualities we look for in an ID64 player?

Game understanding and advanced decision making – read, analyze and understand the game and make autonomous decisions.

  • Initiative – Take initiative, be proactive.
  • Focus – Focused for the duration of the game on his/her task.
  • Optimal Technical Abilities – Optimal technical abilities to execute their task for the duration of the game.
  • Optimal Physical Abilities – Optimal physical abilities to execute their task for the duration of the game.
  • Responsibility – Take responsibility and accountability for their own development and performance.

Who are the ID64 Coaches?

ID64 Coaches are comprised of high-level AYSO United Head Coaches from our national club teams. Coach applications for ID64 teams open up in August and are open to any current AYSO United Head Coach. Each ID64 Team will have two coaches as part of the Open Training events in December and January and will run the training camps in February, March and April.

ID64 Head coaches will be selected by the ID64 Director and Technical Staff. If you are interested in becoming an ID64 Coach please fill out the ID64 Coach Application.